These are examples of my work (images may not show up on mobile). I am new to handmodeling but would like to gain more experience in this sector. For further enquiries, please contact me at: xenia.foe@gmail.com.

Hands holding rose on black background
woman wearing black hat
hands picking up coffee capsules
rose petal visible behind hands cupping roses
woman blowing rose petals from her hands
hands holding rose petals
coffee capsules balanced on a forearm
amber necklace held by female hands
blonde woman looking into camera and covering her face with hand
hand picking up hazelnut
woman holding a phone with a frog on it with her hand
female hands balancing old key between fingertips
woman holding canon camera and looking into it
female hands cutting off hair with silver scissors
female hand perched next to thermos mug
two female hands cupping a thermos cup on table surface
female hands with blue fingernails cupping thermos cup