PIXIES | SHort film | 2016

dir. Xenia Foertsch

A 3rd Year University of the West of Scotland short film focusing on Charlie coming to terms with his childhood trauma in the setting of an internalized group therapy session featuring his dissociative personalities.

Completed in 2016, this was a passion project which pushed the filmmaker's involved to expand their boundaries and experiment with different story structures and visual effects.

The humans behind humans of glasgow | Documentary | 2014

A university project featuring Adele Cook and Stylianos Orestis Sarrigiannidis, the Humans behind Humans of Glasgow, a Facebook page capturing life on Glaswegian streets. We discovered how they choose their locations for the day, how they approach people and what the future of Humans of Glasgow would be after they finished university.


A new YouTube series I'm producing, capturing glimpses of my life and describing an emotion or mentality that has carried me through each month.

This project is a departure from my usual YouTube content and is supposed to challenge me to create more visually interesting and unique videos. Additionally it combines my passions for writing and filmmaking, as each video allows me to express a reflection of my month, first in writing and then in voiceover.

How to cure a sh*t day | yOUtUBE | 2018

This is a recent YouTube video; my first attempt at completely scripting my content. On my channel I aim to create personal, authentic content that people can relate to or take solace in.

I started my channel as part of my dissertation project at university and have continued since, gradually developing my filming and editing skills, as well as my on-screen presence.